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Holiday Lighting



We have served the Peninsula as the Christmas Light Pros for over a decade. Starting with just a few homes, we have become the premier installation company that provides our clients with captivating displays and exceptional service that are truly second to none.


With input from you, we provide you with a beautiful design, an efficient installation, proactive in-season maintenance, and a timely post-season removal. We are a true end-to-end holiday decorating service. You can be confident we’ll create a memorable display that’s tailored for your taste and budget.


We set the standard when it comes to our energy efficient lights. Too often, lights found at stores or online are inconsistent in color and quality. We work with a local distributor to get products that produce the same color and performance year after year.


Don't worry about your lights! Our installation of Christmas lights comes with a worry free maintenance promise. If you have a bulb go out on lights we supply or any unforseen issues come up, we come out and take care of it for free right away.

The best way to describe our approach in regards to your display is that we make the most out of what your structure, whether it’s a home or business, has to offer. Every outline, fixture or other object in your yard or lobby is a potential aid and object for tasteful decoration.

Colors are the deeds and sufferings of light

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