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Landscape Lighting

Our Aim

We create breathtaking nightscapes that transform our customer’s properties into amazing works of art. Seeing many beautiful homes and properties poorly illuminated made us realize that the outdoor lighting business needed more artistic input and ability.  Each home is a palette, and we paint on it with light.

What we do

At BayLuminations we bring years of light installation expertise and a creative design vision to your lighting project. We are able to create whole estate landscape lighting to bring your property to life and at the same time we can focus the lighting to illuminate your pathway, patio, or outdoor steps, improving walkway safety and visibility.

Why us 

BayLuminations was started with the concept of bringing the artistic aspect of the landscape lighting business back to the forefront of the industry.   The industry is filled with franchise lighting companies that have a consistent formula, using poor quality fixtures and producing the same look for every client with little consideration for long term performance or aesthetics.  We pride ourselves in the artistry of lighting design, looking at the scape and analyzing how it can be enhanced. 

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