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Patio/Event Lighting

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We put the lights on.

Lighting is the essence of emotion — without it there is a void, whereas too much of it is a distraction. Lighting has its power when the perfect amount is present. The right lighting will make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Let BayLuminations help you make memories that last.

Patio Lighting

Enjoying one's home and outdoor space is so important, particularly in the temperate climates of California. Whether spending time alone or entertaining large groups, lighting makes all the difference. We can upgrade existing lighting or design and install a new lighting scheme for your entire outdoor space.  Don't let another season pass without taking advantage of your yard and/or patio!

Permanent Lighting

We work with businesses that want to enhance and utilize their outdoor space to create an area for customers to feel welcome or for employees to enjoy breaks.  Installing the right lighting can transform an ordinary space into a common area for people to enjoy.

Event Lighting

Lighting is essential to creating the overall atmosphere and appeal of your event. A well designed lighting scheme will set the tone, whether relaxed or high energy, that you want for your guests. 

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